Are you looking for Portuguese limestone?

We present our products in a wide range of the best Portuguese limestone varieties: Moleanos, Moca Creme, Rosal, Semi-Rijo, Valverde, Creme Fatima, Ataíja, Cabeça Veada, among others. If you have any question about limestone do not hesitate to contact us.

quarta-feira, 26 de março de 2014

Semi-Rijo LR and wood - Perfect match

An outstanding project combining three noble materials: natural stone, wood and iron. 
A truly beautiful combination featuring Lusorochas exclusive limestone Semi-Rijo LR (honed finish).
Project at St Sauvin (France).

quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2014

Luxury bathrooms with natural stone

Here are some pictures of our luxury projects featuring our beige limestones Moleanos LR and Moca Creme
Appreciate the truly beauty of Portuguese natural stone and see how it enhances the appealing design of each project, becoming the perfect choice for a modern and unique style.
For further information please contact us: we produce each project cut to size.

1st picture: Moleanos LR (flooring and wall cladding)
2nd picture: Moca Creme (flooring, wall cladding, shelf and massive wash basin)
3rd picture: Moleanos LR ( massive wash basin)
4th picture: Moca Creme (flooring, wall cladding)