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segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

Façade: All Seasons Hotel Pompidou (Lyon, France)

Pictures from one more project supplied this year: the All Seasons Hotel Pompidou (from Mercure hotel chain) in Lyon, France. For the revetment of the entire façade it was supplied more than 3600 sqm of Portuguese limestone Moleanos LR and Azul Valverde in honed finishing.

Limestone cladding is a first choice in several countries, as France, for façade revetment solutions, more specifically for ventilated façade systems. These systems use a thermal/insulation material between the external limestone layer and the wall of the building, allowing a great confort in the inside of the habitation. In the outside the result is a modern, classy and very resistant façade which will remain in great conditions for many years.