Are you looking for Portuguese limestone?

We present our products in a wide range of the best Portuguese limestone varieties: Moleanos, Moca Creme, Rosal, Semi-Rijo, Valverde, Creme Fatima, Ataíja, Cabeça Veada, among others. If you have any question about limestone do not hesitate to contact us.

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Stone masonry and Special pieces

We are specialists in stone masonry and special pieces.
Our resourceful and high-qualified design team makes use of the latest technology, which involves CAD/CAM facilities and CNC machinery, to materialize your project into natural stone.
It is necessary not only have the machinery but also be able to take full advantage of it. Lusorochas has the know-how and the expertise of 20 years, achieving the best results and standing out from the other manufacturers.
Challenge us with your project.
Below you can see examples of some special pieces we produced.

Corbel, USA. Stone: Moleanos.
Cornice (massive piece), USA. Stone: Moleanos.

Decorative wall panel, Asia. Stone: Semi-rijo LR.

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Lusorochas Portuguese Limestone

Lusorochas Portuguese Limestones wants to present you all the potential of natural stone. A beautiful classy and exquisite option to embellishing a wide range of surfaces through several applications.

Portuguese Limestone is a natural durable eco-friendly material and is one of the first choices of architects and designers worldwide.

Our range of Portuguese Limestones includes Moleanos, Moca Creme, Rosal, Semi-Rijo LR, Fatima beige, Valverde, Ataija Blue, among others.
Here you will find information about the main limestones we work with and supply.

If you want to know more or have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.
Also visit our website and our page on Facebook where you can see more of our portfolio.